Annual Reports


2020 Annual Report: Milestones in Women's HIV Prevention

The year 2020 brought significant advances for IPM's dapivirine vaginal ring and women's HIV prevention. In our annual report, learn about the milestone achievements for the monthly ring and the next... More »


2019 Annual Report: Progress & Partnership: Empowering Women Against HIV

Women urgently need more HIV prevention options, including methods they can use on their own terms. In our 2019 annual report, learn about exciting progress with IPM's long-acting, woman-controlled ... More »


2018 Annual Report: On Her Own Terms

Women are at the center of IPM's work and our 2018 annual report, which summarizes recent progress with HIV prevention and other sexual and reproductive health technologies IPM designed to give women... More »


2017 IPM Annual Report: Women & HIV Prevention: Expanding the Options, Empowering Women

IPM’s 2017 annual report takes a look at promising woman-centered technologies that could expand women's prevention options and help empower them to protect their sexual and reproductive health on... More »


2016 IPM Annual Report: Hope, Progress and the Power of Prevention

In 2016, IPM’s monthly dapivirine ring became the first microbicide and first long-acting product to reduce women’s risk for HIV in two Phase III trials. IPM’s 2016 annual report looks back at this... More »