Annual Reports


2015 IPM Annual Report: New Hope for Women's HIV Prevention

IPM's 2015 annual report looks at promising new technologies in IPM's pipeline that could put the power of HIV prevention in women's hands. These products include IPM's monthly dapivirine ring – the... More »


2014 IPM Annual Report: The Promise of Prevention for Women

IPM's 2014 annual report profiles promising new HIV and multipurpose prevention technologies in our pipeline, including the monthly dapivirine ring, a 90-day dapivirine-contraceptive ring and... More »


2013 IPM Annual Report: Responding to Women’s Needs

Our 2013 annual report features the top five highlights from our work last year, including progress on the monthly dapivirine ring for HIV prevention as well as new technologies like a 90-day... More »


2012 IPM Annual Report: From Science to Solutions

IPM's 2012 annual report features our progress developing new HIV prevention tools and multipurpose prevention technologies for women and takes a look at our plans for the future. Available below in... More »


IPM Annual Report: A Decade of Progress Advancing HIV Prevention for Women

This 10th anniversary edition of IPM's annual report highlights our 2011 accomplishments, and features a 10-year review of IPM's progress in HIV prevention as well as our plans for the future. Please... More »