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May 19, 2021

VIDEO: A Long-Acting and Woman-Controlled HIV Prevention Option

May 19, 2021 Expanding the range of HIV prevention choices is key to ensuring that every woman can find one that works for her and meets her individual needs. The dapivirine vaginal ring is the first long-acting prevention method designed specifically for women. Click play above to learn more about this promising product!Also available in Luganda, Nyaja, Sesotho, Swahili, Xhosa, isiZulu.

December 01, 2020

WATCH: A Long-acting Vaginal Ring for HIV Prevention

December 1, 2020 Women urgently need and deserve new choices for HIV prevention. After all, no one product is right for everyone. A new long-acting method designed for women, the dapivirine vaginal ring, may soon offer women more options to reduce their HIV risk. Click play above to learn more about this promising product!

July 24, 2020

VIDEO: Celebrating a Milestone for Women’s HIV Prevention

July 24, 2020 Today, we are celebrating a milestone: the European Medicines Agency issued a positive scientific opinion for IPM’s monthly dapivirine vaginal ring to reduce HIV risk among women in developing countries. The ring is the first long-acting HIV prevention product, and today’s news opens the door to next steps needed to seek approvals and make the ring available in countries where women’s need is urgent. Click play above to hear IPM'...

March 08, 2018

International Women’s Day 2018: A Healthy World Starts with Healthy Women

On this International Women’s Day, it has never been more urgent to ensure women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, so that women everywhere have the opportunity to stay healthy and achieve their goals.The leading causes of death among women of reproductive age worldwide are HIV/AIDS and maternal mortality, with complications from pregnancy and childbirth as major factors. These women are our mothers, daughters, sisters and neighbors....

December 11, 2017

A Profile of IPM’s Dapivirine Microbicide Ring for the 2017 Innovating for Impact Partnership Award

In 2017, the dapivirine microbicide ring, developed by IPM, received the Global Health Technologies Coalition’s inaugural Innovating for Impact Partnership Award, which honors the global partnerships IPM forged across public, private, academic and civil society sectors to help translate research into a potentially lifesaving new global health tool.As the first microbicide clinically shown to safely reduce women’s HIV risk, the monthly dapivirine...

December 01, 2016

VIDEO: The promise of the ring for women's HIV prevention

This World AIDS Day, women have reason to be optimistic that a new era may be at hand – one in which they could have more choices to protect themselves against HIV. Earlier this year, a novel monthly vaginal ring developed by the International Partnership for Microbicides became the first long-acting method to show efficacy in two Phase III clinical trials. Watch this video to learn about the dapivirine ring and IPM's next steps to potentially...

November 07, 2016

VIDEO: Microbicides — Developing New HIV Prevention Options for Women

Products called microbicides offer women new hope against HIV, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where women bear the burden of the epidemic.A monthly vaginal ring that releases a drug for HIV prevention was recently shown to safely help reduce the risk of infection and could give women a novel way to protect themselves. Learn about the latest research and next steps for the dapivirine ring, developed by the International Partnership for...

August 2016

Infographic: The Dapivirine Ring: A Product of Partnership

In 2016, IPM's monthly dapivirine ring was shown to safely help reduce a woman's risk of HIV infection. Learn about how partnerships played a critical role in the ring's development.

July 18, 2016

VIDEO: MSN Reports on IPM's Dapivirine Ring

Watch this short clip from MSN summarizing the data on IPM's dapivirine ring announced at the 2016 International AIDS Conference. Length: approximately 30 seconds  

May 19, 2016

VIDEO: Devex Interviews IPM’s CEO on HIV Prevention Partnerships at Women Deliver 2016

Dr. Zeda Rosenberg, IPM’s chief executive officer, talks with Erin Houston of Devex at the Women Deliver 2016 conference about IPM’s public-private partnership model, promising HIV prevention products for women like IPM’s monthly dapivirine vaginal ring and next steps for the ring. Length: approximately 15 minutes