Clinical Trials

IPM’s clinical trials are carried out sequentially: first to determine the safety of a product and then to test its efficacy, or ability to prevent HIV infection. Our initial safety trials, Phase I trials, involve small numbers of women under carefully controlled clinical conditions. Expanded safety trials, Phase I/II, are then conducted to gain additional safety data among more participants over longer periods of time. When the safety trials are complete, longer-term safety and efficacy trials are conducted.

IPM conducts its clinical trials according to the highest safety and ethical principles, in partnership with researchers and communities.

Clinical Trials Table
June 2022

Monthly Dapivirine Ring
Trial Description Countries No* Status
IPM 001 Dapivirine ring safety (Ring-001) Belgium 12 women Completed
IPM 007 Seroconverter protocol South Africa, Uganda n/a Completed
IPM 008 Dapivirine ring safety (Ring-002) Belgium 13 women Completed
IPM 011 Placebo ring safety & acceptability South Africa, Tanzania 170 women Completed
IPM 013 Dapivirine ring PK (Ring-004) Belgium 48 women Completed
IPM 015 Dapivirine ring safety (Ring-004) Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania 280 women Completed
IPM 018 Dapivirine ring PK (Rings 002 & 003) Belgium 24 women Completed
IPM 024 Dapivirine ring PK (Ring-004) Belgium 16 women Completed
IPM 027 (The Ring Study) Dapivirine ring long-term safety and efficacy (Ring-004) South Africa, Uganda 1950 women Completed
IPM 028 Dapivirine ring drug-drug interaction (Ring-004) Belgium 36 women Completed
IPM 029 Dapivirine ring & male condom functionality (Ring-004) United States ~70 couples Completed
IPM 033 Dapivirine ring & female condom functionality (Ring-004) United States ~80 couples Completed
IPM 034 Dapivirine Ring PK (Ring-004) Belgium 40 women Completed
Dapivirine-Maraviroc Combination Ring
Trial Description Countries No* Status
MTN 013 / IPM 026 Maraviroc, dapivirine, and dapivirine-maraviroc combination ring United States 48 women Completed
Dapivirine Gel
Trial Description Countries No* Status
IPM 003 Dapivirine gel safety (Gel-002) Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania 112 women Completed
IPM 004 Dapivirine gel PK (Gel-002) South Africa 18 women Completed
IPM 005B Dapivirine gel safety (Gel-002) Belgium 36 women Completed
MTN 012 / IPM 010 Dapivirine gel male tolerance (Gel 4759) United States 48 men Completed
IPM 012 Dapivirine gel PK (Gels 4750 & 4789) Belgium 36 women Completed
IPM 014A Dapivirine gel safety (Gel 4759) Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa 280 women Completed
IPM 014B Dapivirine gel safety (Gel 4789) South Africa 100 women Completed
IPM 020 Dapivirine gel safety (Gels 4759 & 4789) United States 128 women Completed