About IPM

IPM’s mission: To develop HIV prevention products and other sexual and reproductive health technologies for women, and to make them available and accessible where they are urgently needed.

IPM: Working to Prevent HIV in Women

IPM is dedicated to providing women with affordable and self-initiated HIV-prevention strategies they can use to protect their own health. Founded in 2002 as a product development partnership (PDP), IPM has become an important partner in the microbicide field.

Since our inception, IPM has focused our efforts on developing antiretroviral (ARV)-based microbicides in collaboration with our partners:

  • leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • philanthropic foundations
  • local research centers in developing countries
  • civil society organizations
  • academic institutions

Using a “best practices” approach to its work, IPM:

  • evaluates promising compounds
  • designs optimal formulations
  • conducts preclinical and clinical trials
  • identifies appropriate regulatory pathways for products
  • establishes manufacturing and distribution capacity to ensure access to future products

IPM also engages and collaborates with advocates and global health leaders to raise awareness about microbicides and HIV prevention products worldwide.

Through our working partnerships at the local and national level in developing countries, IPM has helped build health research infrastructure in parts of the world where the need for health research is greatest.