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IPM's brochures and fact sheets cover a wide variety of topics, including the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the need for microbicides, in-depth information about ARV-based products, IPM’s work, the PDP model and how microbicides improve maternal health. Scroll through or use the Filtered Search bar in the left sidebar to locate brochures and fact sheets or other publications by keyword, language or year published.

June 2019

Ring Backgrounder

This fact sheet provides background information on IPM's dapivirine vaginal ring, including the the novel ring technology, key results and next steps. More »

June 2019

Microbicide Overview

This fact sheet provides key information on the potential of microbicides for HIV prevention, the next steps for IPM's dapivirine ring—the most advanced microbicide product—and the research and... More »

May 2019

A Multipurpose Prevention Ring for Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health

Women around the world face dual risks of HIV infection and unintended pregnancy, a major contributor to maternal mortality. New products are urgently needed to address these issues in tandem. More »

May 2019

Microbicides: Woman-centered HIV Prevention to Help End AIDS by 2030

Currently available HIV prevention options haven't done enough to stem the alarming infection rates among women, who continue to be disproportionately affected by the epidemic. Women urgently need... More »

May 2019

Why Microbicides for Women?

Learn why women urgently need new tools they can use to protect themselves against HIV, and how microbicides are an important and promising part of a comprehensive prevention toolkit. More »