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IPM's brochures and fact sheets cover a wide variety of topics, including the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the need for microbicides, in-depth information about ARV-based products, IPM’s work, the PDP model and how microbicides improve maternal health. Scroll through or use the Filtered Search bar in the left sidebar to locate brochures and fact sheets or other publications by keyword, language or year published.

September 2012

Maternal Health and HIV/AIDS

Women of child-bearing age continue to endure the burden of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Prevention methods such as condoms and abstinence are not always feasible options for many women, especially those... More »

September 2011

Women and the Need for Microbicides

This fact sheet describes the key reasons why microbicides are an essential addition to the HIV prevention tool kit for women. More »

July 2011

Women and HIV/AIDS

Women and girls bear the brunt of the burden of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This fact sheet explains the importance of developing a safe and effective microbicide that women can use to protect themselves... More »

June 2010

Microbicides Research: Hope for the Future, Benefits Today

While proof-of-concept has been achieved, there is still some time before a microbicide product could be made available for widespread use. But benefits from microbicide research and development are... More »