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December 01, 2018

On World AIDS Day, We Won’t Stop Until Women are Empowered to Protect Themselves from HIV

Today, 30 years after World AIDS Day was first observed, it’s encouraging to see the advances that have been made in prevention and treatment. But, with nearly 2,000 women a day acquiring HIV... More »

October 18, 2018

Join IPM at HIV R4P 2018!

We hope you will join IPM in Madrid Oct. 21-25 for the 3rd HIV Research for Prevention (R4P) Conference to learn the latest research on IPM's monthly dapivirine ring and other long-acting products... More »

September 26, 2018

World Contraception Day 2018: Empowering Women to Lead Healthy and Productive Lives

At IPM, we believe that for women to stay healthy and thrive, they must be able to protect their sexual and reproductive health—conveniently, discreetly and on their own terms.Unfortunately, millions... More »

July 18, 2018

Join IPM at AIDS 2018!

Join us in Amsterdam 23-27 July for the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) to hear updates on women’s HIV prevention efforts, innovative research and IPM’s monthly dapivirine ring.Find... More »

December 01, 2017

World AIDS Day 2017: Women Can't Wait

Today, as we commemorate World AIDS Day and celebrate the steady progress that has been made against the epidemic, 2,000 women will become infected with HIV. Tomorrow, another 2,000 women—many of... More »