A Profile of IPM’s Dapivirine Microbicide Ring for the 2017 Innovating for Impact Partnership Award

December 2017

In 2017, the dapivirine microbicide ring, developed by IPM, received the Global Health Technologies Coalition’s inaugural Innovating for Impact Partnership Award, which honors the global partnerships IPM forged across public, private, academic and civil society sectors to help translate research into a potentially lifesaving new global health tool.

As the first microbicide clinically shown to safely reduce women’s HIV risk, the monthly dapivirine ring is designed to provide women with a discreet, long-acting option they can use themselves to prevent HIV.

Watch this video to learn more about why women-centered HIV prevention is so urgently needed, the ring’s development and a few of the partnerships involved, and how partnerships will be crucial to potentially putting the ring in the hands of women at high risk for HIV.

Credit: Video produced by Global Health Technologies Coalition

Length: approximately 2.5 minutes