World AIDS Day 2019: Communities Make the Difference

As we commemorate World AIDS Day this year, women continue to bear a disproportionate burden of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Women deserve and need more control over their sexual and reproductive health. This World AIDS Day, we salute the communities that are working to make this a reality.

To control the HIV/AIDS epidemic, women must be at the center of the global response—from leading and participating in research, policymaking efforts and community-based programs, to ensuring that they have a range of prevention products that meets their needs.

So, to the women who have participated in clinical trials and contributed to community dialogues and consultations, and to their families and friends who support them: thank you. We appreciate you sharing your time, stories and ideas with us, and we hope to continue walking together toward a future where all women have the resources and support they need to stay healthy on their own terms. 

And to our community and civil society partners: thank you. Your support for critically needed women’s HIV prevention research has helped advance promising new options, and sends women the important message that their health and well-being are truly valued. We couldn’t do this work without you.

Have a happy, healthy World AIDS Day.