Join IPM at IAS 2017!

Join us in Paris 23-26 July for the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017), where the latest HIV prevention research will be presented.

For updates on IPM’s monthly dapivirine ring and other technologies designed to address women’s sexual and reproductive health needs, you can find IPM and our partners at the following sessions:

Featured presentation

Symposium presentation: Intravaginal rings for PrEP: What are the future prospects?
Mon. 24 July, 11:25-11:35, Room 242
Presenter: Annalene Nel, Chief Medical Officer, IPM
Symposium: Topical Agents for PrEP: As Good as Systemic PrEP?

IPM-supported oral and poster discussion presentations

Satellite: Prevention Solutions for the Next Generation: Highlighting Adolescent Research in the NIH HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks and the Adolescent Trials Network
Mon. 24 July, 07:00-08:30, Room 241
Presenters include Lulu Nair of the Microbicide Trials Network (MTN), on the REACH study (MTN-034/IPM 045), a planned Phase 2a crossover trial evaluating safety of and adherence to the monthly dapivirine ring and daily oral PrEP among young women and adolescent girls in Africa.

MOPDC0106LB. Breast milk dapivirine pharmacokinetics and estimated infant exposure during dapivirine intravaginal ring use among lactating women (MTN)
Mon. 24 July, 13:25-13:30, Room 241
Poster discussion session: Antivirals and Pregnancy 

TUAC0104. Impact of microbiota on female genital tissue and plasma concentrations of dapivirine (MTN)
Tues. 25 July, 11:45-12:00, Blue Amphitheater
Oral abstract session: Updates from PrEP Clinical Trials 

TUAC0206LB. Safety and acceptability trial of the dapivirine vaginal ring in US adolescents ([MTN)
Tues. 25 July, 12:05-12:18, Havana Amphitheater
Oral abstract session: Prevention and Adolescents 

WEPDC0102. Acquisition of sexually transmitted infections among women using a variety of contraceptive options: a prospective study among high-risk African women ([MTN)
Weds. 26 July, 13:05-13:10, Room 241
Poster discussion session: It’s Time to Focus on STIs 

Poster presentations

Posters will be on continuous display and can be viewed at any time during the conference. In addition, presenting authors will be available at their posters from 12:30-14:30 on the day indicated below.

IPM-authored posters

  • MOLBPEC34: Pooled efficacy analysis of two phase III trials of dapivirine vaginal ring (DVR) for the reduction of HIV-1 infection risk in HIV uninfected women in sub-Saharan Africa. IPM presenter available Monday.
  • WEPEC0948. Effect of menses and tampon use on the pharmacokinetics of Dapivirine Vaginal Ring. IPM presenter available Wednesday.

Additional IPM-supported posters

  • MOPEC0666. Reported impact of intimate partner relationships on adherence to the vaginal ring in the MTN-020/ASPIRE trial. Presenting author from CHARISMA available Monday.
  • MOPEC0669. Trust issues: perspectives of male and female partners navigating dapivirine vaginal ring (VR) use in dyadic relationships; formative research outcomes from the CHARISMA study in Johannesburg, South Africa. Presenting author from CHARISMA available Monday.
  • WEPEC0933. Acceptability of a dapivirine vaginal ring among US adolescent females in Phase 2a safety trial (MTN-023). Presenting author from MTN available Wednesday.
  • WEPEC0940. End-user research on Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPT) for HIV and pregnancy prevention: young women's ratings of three delivery forms in a randomized, cross-over study in Kenya and South Africa. Presenting author from TRIO available Wednesday.
  • WEPEC0980. Reasons for non-adherence to the dapivirine vaginal ring during MTN-020/ASPIRE: results of the MTN-032/AHA study. Presenting author from MTN available Wednesday.
  • WEPEC0978. Choice, use and persistence with three delivery forms (tablets, ring, injections) among young African women. Presenting author from TRIO available Wednesday.