DS003-Dapivirine Ring

Fast facts

  • Acts against: HIV-1
  • Delivery method: Vaginal ring
  • Active ingredients: DS003 and dapivirine, antiretroviral drugs
  • Length of action: Three months
  • Status: Preclinical development

Why is the DS003-dapivirine ring important?

DS003 is a potent new ARV that has not been used for HIV prevention. Combining ARVs that have different mechanisms of action to attack HIV may help increase the breadth of protection and reduce the chance of acquiring drug-resistant virus, IPM is exploring vaginal rings that contain DS003 alone and in combination with dapivirine. 

How does the DS003-dapivirine ring work? 

Prototype rings are being developed to release both DS003 and dapivirine over time. Women insert the flexible, long-acting ring themselves into the vagina. DS003 is a gp120 binder not currently used for HIV treatment or prevention. 

What is its development history?

IPM negotiated a license to DS003 early in its development.  IPM has completed a formulation and preclinical program that supported a first-in-human clinical evaluation of DS003 formulated as a single-use vaginal tablet. This initial trial of DS003 (IPM 042), which began in late 2015, will collect safety and pharmacokinetics data that will help guide the development of IPM’s ultimate target, a three-monthly combination ring containing DS003 and dapivirine. 

What are the next steps for the DS003-dapivirine ring?

IPM is continuing formulation and analytical development of the ring, which will help identify a lead formulation to advance to clinical trials.  

Who is IPM currently partnering with to develop and test the ring?

  • ARV license: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen Sciences Ireland UC
  • Development: ProMed Pharma

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