Microbicide Access Forum

In a rapidly changing and complex HIV/AIDS landscape, it is essential to create opportunities for stakeholders at all levels to meet and advance strategies for future microbicide access.

At the Microbicide Access Forum, co-convened by IPM and the World Health Organization from 2007-2009, high-level stakeholders from global health organizations, African civil society groups, and academic and research organizations meet to:

  • Outline approaches to support microbicide introduction, scale-up and access, emphasizing country-level considerations
  • Discuss lessons learned from the introduction and roll-out of similar new products and HIV prevention tools
  • Identify ways to help shorten product development timelines and accelerate clinical research
  • Share planning and collaboration to avoid duplication of effort
  • Incorporate data from acceptability studies into microbicide access strategies
  • Develop shared understanding of likely scenarios for the outcomes of HIV prevention technologies