Kathy Flynn, MBA

Ms. Flynn is responsible for IPM’s financial management and provides strategic financial and operational guidance to the organization’s senior leadership and staff. 

Ms. Flynn has more than 20 years of experience managing international and domestic budgets, and financial operations for scientific programs. She joined IPM in 2010 as the senior director of finance. In this role, she supervised financial operations and donor reporting, worked with business units and managers to ensure effective financial decision-making, and analyzed data to improve financial performance.

Prior to that, Ms. Flynn served as director of finance for the Institute of Human Virology of the School of Medicine of the University of Maryland at Baltimore. In addition to developing and managing budgets and financial reports, she contributed to strategic plans, developed operational policies and managed key operational processes, including contracting and human resources.

Ms. Flynn holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Loyola College and an MBA from the University of Baltimore.