Careers: Put your skills to work for women worldwide

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IPM offers exciting career opportunities for talented individuals interested in making a real difference in the lives of women, especially those in the developing world. Passionate, driven and committed, each of IPM’s employees contributes markedly to the organization’s efforts to develop cutting-edge medical technology that will help prevent the transmission of HIV to women. 

If you are interested in working for an organization that is committed to women’s health and is at the forefront of HIV prevention research and development, we invite you to read more about our current job opportunities.

A message from Dr. Zeda Rosenberg, CEO

Dr. Zeda Rosenberg, CEOThank you for your interest in career opportunities at IPM. Our organization presents an innovative approach to preventing HIV infection in women in the developing world. 

Our business model is designed to efficiently and effectively improve the health and lives of women and families across the globe, and our progress has been extremely promising. As such, IPM attracts a vibrant, talented and deeply committed group of individuals with a variety of skills and backgrounds.

At IPM, we understand that retaining and motivating our staff is crucial to achieving our mission. Our Human Resources team works compassionately to provide a benefits package and establish a working environment far and beyond the average employer or workplace.

Developing a novel medical product is a long and complex process, but the products IPM is developing have the power to transform the world’s response to the HIV epidemic.

Success will require focused research coupled with sustained leadership and commitment to women’s health — something that can only be achieved with the fervent collaboration and eager minds of individuals like those who compose IPM’s workforce.

If you seek a workplace that values each employee’s skills and is committed to making lasting change in the lives of those most in need, please browse our current openings and apply today.


Dr. Zeda F. Rosenberg