What Are Microbicides?

Microbicides are biomedical products being developed to protect healthy people from becoming infected with HIV during sex. Some microbicides are being designed only for women as vaginal products, and others would be rectal products that both men and women could use. 

Filling a gap in current prevention strategies

Microbicides will fill an important gap in current prevention strategies by giving women a discreet tool they can use to protect themselves against HIV. They will also complement existing HIV prevention strategies when they can be used.

IPM is among several nonprofit product developers  focused on developing vaginal microbicides to protect women against HIV transmission during sex with a male partner. 

Why ARV-based microbicides?

Research shows that the same types of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs already being used successfully to treat HIV/AIDS can offer protection against HIV when used consistently.

What forms will ARV-based microbicides take?

They would take many forms that women could use easily and discreetly, including sustained-release rings that could provide protection for a month or longer and single-use tablets and films. Learn more about developing woman-centered products.

How will they be used?

Vaginal rings, tablets and films could be easily inserted by hand.