Request the Video: Hope Against HIV: Microbicide Trials in Your Community

Many thanks for requesting the educational video, Hope Against HIV: Microbicide Trials in Your Community. Groups or individuals located in developing countries will be sent one complimentary copy of the DVD. For those located in industrialized countries, we will kindly request a nominal donation of $5 to cover the costs of producing and shipping the video to you. We will review your request, and contact you with confirmation and further details by email within five business days. You should receive your DVD within two to four weeks. Questions? Please write to

Which format is right for me? NTSC formatted DVDs are used in most of North America (including the US), South America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Burma and some Pacific Island nations and territories. PAL formatted DVDs are used in most other countries, including most of Africa and Europe. If you are not sure which format to select, find out more here: PAL: or NTSC:
Each DVD contains the video in 5 languages. Which language(s) you plan to use in your community?
Please tell us how your organization plans to use the video.