Final VOICE study results show need to develop additional HIV tools for women

March 4 —

The Microbicide Trials Network and NIAID announced on March 4 the final results of the VOICE study, which showed that both oral tenofovir and Truvada taken daily and tenofovir gel used daily were not effective in preventing HIV in women in the study due to low adherence to the products.

While today’s news is disappointing, it underscores the need for products that meet the needs and preferences of women, who are disproportionately affected by the epidemic.

A separate Phase III trial of tenofovir gel currently in progress, called FACTS 001, is evaluating the gel’s efficacy when used before and after sex — the same dosing method used in the 2010 CAPRISA 004 trial, which showed 39% effectiveness for the gel. FACTS 001 results are expected in 2014. IPM’s long-acting monthly dapivirine ring is also in two Phase III trials, with results expected in 2015.

IPM applauds MTN, NIAID and their research partners for their hard work and commitment to finding new HIV prevention solutions for women. Above all, we express our gratitude to the women who participated in the trial, and contributed to the advancement of HIV prevention research.

Both NIAID’s and MTN’s press materials are posted to their websites. For more information, please see AVAC’s statement.