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Review Articles and Commentary

June 2010 | Drugs

Microbicides in the prevention of HIV infection.

Nuttall J. Drugs 70, no. 10 (June 2010): 1231-1243.

March 2010 | Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Nanotechnology-based systems for the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

das Neves J., Amiji M.M., Bahia M.F., Sarmento B. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 62, no. 4-5 (2010): 458-477.

January 2010 | Innovation Strategy Today

Ensuring that developing countries have access to new healthcare products: the role of product development partnerships.

Brooks A.D., Wells W.A., McLean T.D., Khanna R., Coghlan R., Mertenskoetter T., Privor-Dumm L.A., Krattiger A., Mahoney R.T. Innovation Strategy Today 3, no. 1(January 2010): 1-5.

February 2009 | Virology

Characterization of vaginal transmission of a simian human immunodeficiency virus (SHIV) encoding the reverse transcriptase gene from HIV-1 in Chinese Rhesus macaques

Pal R., Nuttall J., Galmin L., Weiss D., Chung H-K., Romano J. Virology 386, no. 1 (2009): 102-8.

January 2009 | Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy

The future of HIV microbicides: challenges and opportunities

Garg A.B., Nuttall J., Romano J. Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 19, no. 4 (2009):143-50

September 2008 | Current Opinion HIV/AIDS

Microbicide delivery: formulation technologies and strategies

Romano J., Malcolm R.K., Garg S., Rohan L.C., Kaptur P.E. Current Opinion HIV/AIDS 3 (2008): 558-66

April 2008 | Contemporary OB/GYN Supplement

Vaginal microbicides: What does the future hold?

Cates W., Rosenberg Z. Contemporary OB/GYN Supplement. April 15, 2008.

March 2007 | Infectious Disease Clinics of North America

The future of HIV prevention: prospects for an effective anti-HIV microbicide

Nuttall J., Romano J., Douville K., Galbreath C., Nel A., Heyward W., Mitchnick M., Walker S., Rosenberg Z. Infectious Disease Clinics of North America 21 (2007): 219-39

November 2006 | Current Opinion HIV/AIDS

Microbicides for the prevention of HIV infection in women: an overview of recent trials

Rosenberg Z., Nel A., Heyward W., Mitchnick M. Current Opinion HIV/AIDS 1, no. 6 (2006): 514-9.

September 2006 | Antiviral Research

Is HIV drug resistance a limiting factor in the development of anti-HIV NNRTI and NRTI-based vaginal microbicide strategies?

Martinez J., Coplan P., Wainberg M.A. Antiviral Research 71, no. 2-3 (2006): 343-50