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July 14, 2021 | HealthTimes (Zimbabwe)

#BREAKING: Dapivirine Vaginal Ring Approved For Use In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe becomes one of the first countries in Africa and the region to have approved use of the Dapivirine Ring, a flexible silicone ring that a woman can insert in the vaginafor monthly protection... More »


January 26, 2021 | World Health Organization

WHO recommends the dapivirine vaginal ring as a new choice for HIV prevention for women at substantial risk of HIV infection

WHO recommended that the dapivirine vaginal ring, a female-initiated option to reduce the risk of HIV infection, may be offered as an additional prevention choice for women at substantial HIV risk as... More »


November 30, 2020 | New York Times

Berry-Flavored H.I.V. Medication Is Ready for Babies

The World Health Organization approved the dapivirine ring, a vaginal insert that has proved effective in women who use it consistently. Finding prevention methods that women can use discreetly has... More »

Media Highlights

August 06, 2020 | Spotlight (South Africa)

IN-DEPTH: Vaginal ring ushers in new era in HIV prevention

The EMA’s opinion paves the way for the dapivirine ring to be prequalified by the WHO followed by the anticipated adoption of the ring by countries after national regulatory approvals. More »

August 05, 2020 | El País (Spain)

La Agencia Europea del Medicamento da el visto bueno a un anillo vaginal para prevenir el VIH

The EMA gave a positive scientific opinion for the dapivirine ring. More »

August 03, 2020 | East Coast Radio (South Africa)

New HIV prevention tool yields positive feedback

The South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) says an antiretroviral ring, approved by the European Medicines Agency recently, will empower women to protect themselves against HIV.  More »

August 03, 2020 | Consultor Salud (Colombia)

Dapivirina, un anillo vaginal que podria prevenir el VIH en mujeres

The EMA has indicated that when PrEP is not used, cannot be used or is not available, it may become an option as the ring is placed in the vagina and slowly releases dapivirine for 28 days. More »

August 01, 2020 | The Herald (Zimbabwe)

Zim to register new HIV prevention intervention

The EMA has acceded to the use of an antiretroviral drug dapivirine through a vaginal ring to prevent HIV acquisition by women. More »