Incidence Studies

In preparation for large-scale efficacy trials, IPM partners with research centers to determine the HIV incidence (rate of new infections) in their local community. Conducting microbicide efficacy trials in areas hardest hit by the HIV epidemic not only addresses the needs of the women and communities most at risk for HIV infection, but it also ensures that the clinical trials can deliver faster and more meaningful results for the benefit of many other affected communities.

IPM HIV Incidence Studies Table
February 2012

Protocol Description Countries No* Status
MWHP Cohort study (1 site) Tanzania 800 women Completed
ICRH Cross-sectional study (1 site) Kenya 800 women Completed
Protocol 002 Protocol 002 (1 site) Kenya 400 women Completed
IPM 002A Cross-sectional study (4 sites) Kenya 1000 women, (per site) Completed
IPM 002B Cross-sectional study (1 site) Nigeria 900 women Completed
HIVINC Cross-sectional & cohort studies (1 site) Rwanda 800-xs**, 400-co***, 1250-xs women Completed
IPM 100 Cross-sectional & cohort studies (5 sites) South Africa 800-xs**, 300-co***, (per site) Completed
IPM 100.1 Cross-sectional & cohort studies (2 sites) Kenya, Zimbabwe 800-xs**, 300-co***, women (per site) Data Analysis