DS003 (BMS793)


DS003 is a promising new ARV that offers multiple options for single or combination ARV microbicide products.

How does DS003 work?

DS003 is a potent entry inhibitor that binds to a protein on HIV-1’s outer membrane called gp120. When DS003 attaches to the gp120 protein, it prevents HIV-1 from entering uninfected cells.

DS003 is an important microbicide candidate because it:

  • acts early in the HIV life cycle, potentially increasing the chances of protection
  • targets the virus itself rather than the host cell, reducing the chance that the user will experience unwanted side effects
  • uses a mechanism of action that has not yet been employed in HIV treatment or prevention, which may increase the chance that it will be active against drug-resistant HIV  

In what stage of development is DS003, and what forms will it take as a microbicide? 

Following a number of preclinical studies to establish the safety profile of DS003, IPM initiated the first Phase I trial of DS003 in 2015. The trial, known as IPM 042, found that a single-use vaginal tablet containing DS003 was well-tolerated and saw encouraging drug levels in blood and cervicovaginal fluid. Results from the trial will inform the development of potential DS003-based products.

Where can I get more information?

For a bibliography of scientific papers and articles on IPM-supported research on DS003, visit our Publications & Media page.