Combination Products

Combining ARVs in a single product could target HIV at different points in the life cycle, and may reduce the chance of acquiring drug-resistant HIV over time.

IPM has initiated the development of vaginal rings that combine dapivirine and DS003, a potent new gp120 inhibitor, and darunavir and a second ARV such as dapivirine. Darunavir is a protease inhibitor currently used for HIV treatment. 

This work builds on IPM’s experience developing the first combination ARV microbicide, the dapivirine-maraviroc vaginal ring, which was found acceptable to women and well-tolerated in a Phase I study. Following additional research indicating that maraviroc's efficacy as a microbicide may be limited, IPM has prioritized the combinations noted above based on preclinical studies showing their promise; however, these development efforts are currently paused due to insufficient funding and organizational priorities.