IPM Access Principles

Microbicides and other HIV prevention products will not be effective unless they reach the women who need them. In deciding which product candidates to prioritize, IPM takes into account five concepts central to achieving access to microbicides:

Acceptability: Microbicide products and how they are provided must be satisfactory to women (and their sexual partners), and to gatekeepers who influence and facilitate availability.

Affordability: The costs of microbicides and programs to deliver them must be affordable to purchasers, financers and end-users.

Availability:  High-quality production and supply of microbicide products must be sufficient to meet public health needs, and reliable channels for distribution to meet user demand must be established and maintained.

Appropriate use: Microbicides need to be used properly as part of personal and programmatic strategies to achieve the desired health outcome: preventing HIV transmission.

Architecture: The network of organizations at global, national and local levels that will support, connect and implement all microbicide access activities must be in place.