IPM Access Principles

IPM’s access approach is grounded in the concept of human-centered design (HCD), where we work to understand a woman’s journey by engaging with potential end-users to understand the beliefs, preferences, concerns and experiences that might influence HIV prevention product use. We then incorporate these insights as we collaborate with women to co-create access materials and concepts to will support product uptake and adherence.

  • Read more: USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact in collaboration with IPM and Dalberg Design Group used HCD to develop a design guide for the dapivirine ring.  

IPM is working with a global network of partners to advance a market access strategy for the dapivirine ring, organized around four areas critical to successfully rolling out the ring:

  • Government & Donor Support: Ensuring the dapivirine ring is included in policy guidelines and funding decisions;
  • Operations & Logistics: Ensuring the ring’s efficient and affordable delivery through stable supply chains;
  • Clinic/Public Hospital Access: Ensuring healthcare providers have the knowledge, education and tools needed to prescribe the ring and support its use; and
  • End-User Access: Supporting women's awareness, education, uptake and consistent use of the ring.