Product Development Partners

IPM employs a “virtual” product development model to maintain flexibility, compress development timelines for its products and decrease overall costs.

Collaboration with external contract research organizations and academic laboratories is key to this undertaking.

The work done by these partners, many of whom are listed below, is managed by the product development professionals and scientists on IPM’s team.

The result is a product development operation that can make the most efficient use of resources, readily adapt to shifting priorities, and collaborate with other leading organizations to advance research and pipeline development for the microbicides field.


Examples of IPM’s Product Development Partners
Sever Pharma Solutions (formerly QPharma); Omnichem; Nusil; Queens University-Belfast; Oak Crest Institute of Science; Magee-Womens Research Institute; Promed; Regis Technologies, Inc.; CelaneseManufacturing, product formulation and process development 
Envigo CRS Ltd.; ABL Inc.; Tandem Labs; Institute for Tropical Medicine; Pyxant Labs; NAMSAPreclinical evaluation and bioanalytical support
Imperial College LondonVirology
Catalent; Parexal; IsoSciences LLC; Pharmaceutical Research AssociationAnalytical support
Partners Group; Almac; Fisher Clinical Services; Fisher Bioservices; Catalent; Clinical Systems Inc.; The Coghlan Group, Inc.Clinical supply logistics
CONRAD; Population Council; CHAARM; Advanced Biosciences LaboratoryScientific collaborations and support