Pharmaceutical Company Partners

Since 2004, IPM has negotiated five non-exclusive and one exclusive royalty-free license agreements, and one exclusive worldwide rights agreement from pharmaceutical companies to develop, manufacture and distribute nine antiretroviral (ARV) drugs as microbicides in developing countries.

These licenses ensure that any new product will be available at little or no cost to women in developing countries where incidence of HIV is especially high.

IPM-licensed ARVs

CompoundLicenseMechanism of actionIPM development stage
DapivirineJanssen Sciences Ireland Unlimited Company (previously Tibotec)NNRTI: Reverse transcription
  • Clinical: Phase IIIb (dapivirine ring)
  • Phase II- completed    (dapivirine gel)
  • Phase I- ongoing (dapivirine-contraceptive ring)
  • Phase I- completed (dapivirine-darunavir gel; dapivirine film)
  • Preclinical (dapivirine rectal gel)
DS003(BMS793)BMSgp120: Cell attachment
  • Clinical: Phase I - ongoing  (DS003 tablet)
  • Preclinical       (DS003-dapivirine ring)
DarunavirJanssen Sciences Ireland Unlimited Company Protease inhibitor: Protein synthesis and assembly
  • Preclinical   (darunavir-based combination ring)
MaravirocViiV HealthcareCCR5: Cell Attachment
  • Clinical: Phase I- ongoing      (maraviroc vaginal and rectal gels)
  • Phase I- completed(maraviroc ring; dapivirine-maraviroc ring)
TenofovirGileadNRTI: Reverse transcription 
  • Preclinical*
DS001 (L167), DS004 (L872), DS005 (L882)MerckCCR5: Cell Attachment
  • Early preclinical
DS007 (L-644 peptide)Merckgp41: Cell fusion
  • Early preclinical

* Compound is in different stages of development by other organizations


IPM continually seeks opportunities to work with pharmaceutical companies and other public and private sector research-based organizations and institutions to collaborate on developing promising microbicide and other HIV prevention products.


IPM pharmaceutical partners

Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA

Gilead Sciences, Inc., USA

Janssen Sciences Ireland Unlimited Company

Merck & Co., Inc., USA

ViiV Healthcare