Hear from "Real Voices" working to prevent HIV

August 22, 2013

Real Voices is an IPM video series featuring interviews with scientists, clinicians, advocates and community members, who share their views about the need for microbicides women can use to reduce their risk of HIV infection. This third video of the series highlights clinic researchers and outreach workers offering their reflections on the challenges women in their communities face and their hopes for the future.

It is with these hopes in mind – and a continued commitment to women’s health and equality – that IPM and our research partners continue to develop promising new health tools for women, including a monthly vaginal microbicide ring to prevent HIV, now in Phase III trials, and a 60-day dual-purpose ring to prevent HIV and unintended pregnancy in preclinical development.

It is our hope that these products, along with other technologies being developed across the field, will one day soon benefit women, families and communities around the world.


Length: approximately 2 minutes