World Contraception Day 2019: Meeting Women's Diverse Needs

Today on World Contraception Day, we’re thinking about women’s many—and diverse—sexual and reproductive health needs. We believe that all women and girls, no matter where they live or their economic or educational circumstances, should have choices for protecting their health that are as varied as their lives are. Because when women are healthy, they can thrive. And when women thrive, their families and communities can, too. 

From contraception to HIV and other STI prevention and treatment and beyond, women’s health needs change over time and don’t exist in isolation. That’s why women must have access to comprehensive healthcare that is designed with their needs and preferences in mind, so they can make informed decisions about their health and futures.

Here at IPM, we’re committed to putting women at the center of our work—because only when women are healthy can they reach their full potential. Have a healthy and happy World Contraception Day.