On World AIDS Day, We Won’t Stop Until Women are Empowered to Protect Themselves from HIV

Today, 30 years after World AIDS Day was first observed, it’s encouraging to see the advances that have been made in prevention and treatment. 

But, with nearly 2,000 women a day acquiring HIV worldwide—and young women in sub-Saharan Africa facing at least twice the risk as young men—closing the prevention gap for women remains a major challenge. 

We know that for women to stay healthy, they need a range of HIV prevention options that fit their individual needs and circumstances. That includes condoms, daily oral PrEP, vaginal and rectal microbicides, injectables and vaccines, as well as multipurpose prevention products that address both HIV and unintended pregnancy. 

Indeed, in 2018, many women made their voices heard—at conferences, on social media, in communities—expressing a desire for additional prevention options. It will take the investment of political will and resources of governments, donors, implementers, researchers and civil society to make it happen. At IPM, we won’t stop working toward that goal until women are empowered with the tools they need to stay healthy and thrive. 

From all of us at IPM, we wish you a healthy World AIDS Day.