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Support Microbicides and Give Women Power Over HIV/AIDS

The world is at a turning point in HIV prevention technology. 

After decades of research, a variety of studies have shown the power of ARV-based prevention to safely and effectively reduce HIV transmission.

ARV-based products like microbicides could revolutionize the world’s response to the epidemic. But we’re not there yet. More research is needed before a range of practical tools can be put into women’s hands.

IPM is working to give women a choice of highly effective products like a long-acting vaginal ring that will protect their health and create a better future for their families.

The possibility of saving millions of lives is within our reach. 

HIV Is Something Women Can Live Without

Your generosity will make it possible for us to create effective products and distribute them at low cost to the women who urgently need them. 

As a nonprofit product developer, IPM’s work is supported by a range of donor governments, foundations and private sector partners.

Given the costs associated with developing new biomedical products, we need your support to make the great promise of microbicides a reality. Science has proven that ARV-based products can prevent HIV in women — our only limiting factor now is the funding needed to conduct this important work.

We invite you to join this historic effort by donating to IPM

Why are Microbicides an Important Part of the Solution?

Although a range of effective prevention strategies exists, they are not doing enough to slow the spread of HIV, especially among women.

Due to a mix of biology and gender inequiities, women and girls are particularly vulnerable to infection, yet they lack the tools they need to protect their health. 

Microbicides are one of the best hopes for stemming the HIV epidemic because they offer a prevention option the world urgently needs: a discreet method like a vaginal ring that women can use to protect themselves from infection. 

Traditionally, it can take decades for the benefits of scientific innovation to reach emerging or developing countries. But IPM is committed to making safe, effective and affordable microbicides widely available to women who need them most as quickly as possible.

What Will Your Donation Do? 

Your donation will help IPM speed the development of effective microbicides and other innovative HIV prevention products and deliver them to the women who need them most.

A microbicide can mean the difference between life and death for millions of women around the world — and a better future for their children and families.

Your help can turn hope into reality for women around the world. Please consider donating now.

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