HIV/AIDS remains the leading cause of death among women ages 15-44, with nearly one million women and girls newly infected worldwide in 2015. In sub-Saharan Africa, where the epidemic has taken its greatest toll, nearly 60 percent of new infections among adults ages 15 and older are in women.


These stark statistics — which represent millions of women’s lives — drive our work to develop and deliver new HIV prevention approaches for women, for whom existing methods are not doing enough to reduce their risk of infection. Women urgently need solutions that meet their needs, which can change throughout their lives.


In 2016, IPM made promising strides toward fulfilling its founding mission to provide women with products they could use themselves to prevent HIV. We look back at milestones from 2016 — and the next steps to come — that could help usher in a new era: one where women have the range of options they need to stay healthy and HIV-free.