IPM 011


Protocol Title: A Safety and Acceptability Study of a Vaginal Ring Microbicide Delivery Method for the Prevention of HIV Infection in Women

Status: Completed


IPM 011 is an open-label crossover study designed to assess the safety and acceptability of a placebo vaginal ring (containing no drug) when inserted for a 12-week period in healthy sexually active women. The trial took place at multiple sites in Tanzania and South Africa, with participants being enrolled over a period of 24-26 weeks.

Data from IPM 011 indicated that use of a silicone vaginal ring for three months was safe and acceptable to African women.

Participating Research Centers

  • Reproductive Health and HIV Research Unit (RHRU) — Johannesburg, South Africa
  • South Africa Medical Research Council (MCR) — Durban, South Africa
  • Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) — Nyanga, South Africa
  • Kilimanjaro Chrisitan Medical Centre (KCMC) — Moshi, Tanzania

Publications, presentations or other scientific data